Mobile Betting - Wagering Goes Digital, Portable, And On-The-Go!

Gaming, wagering, placing bets, gambling... these have all reaped benefits from the internet, which broadened the scope of gaming and betting significantly – reaching a global audience. Mobile betting now is maturing into activity and a mobile betting frenzy is on the horizon. Going one step further, this global clientele is constantly active and on the move, in the ever-increasingly fast-paced world of life and work, utilizing more and more mobile digital technology to do chores and tasks more efficiently, true even when they access their entertainment and so on. Gone are the days that a cell phone was just a "mobile phone" to stay in touch or handy to have – these days it is an absolute necessity and having wireless access to the internet enables you to do far more than you possibly imagined. This would include sports wagering, horse race betting and/or mobile betting in general: Digital, portable and on-the-go.

Mobile betting, sports and soccer games betting and wagering, via phone or PDA or other digital mobile devices are increasing in popularity as people become more confident and used to utilizing technology as productivity tools and entertainment-enablers.

In traditional gambling's hey-day of offline grand casino halls, horse and race-track betting and "bookies" before the introduction of online gaming through the internet, is now again in for further rejuvenation and refinement. Our society has truly become almost obsessed with FAST, expedient, speedy and immediate, we demand results and on-the-spot outcome. These demands for urgency and instantaneous delivery keeps fueling the fire, now to the point where mobile betting again is on the cusp of a breakthrough for consumers. Law-makers have a tough time keeping up as recently tabled legislation proposals try to police and litigate some of the gaming practices off-shore and inter-state. But the reality of mobile betting is being unleashed the world over.

Mobile betting is all about satisfying that gambling urge in the pit of your stomach here and now, right away, got to have it, place my bet using my cell phone (if I have to) Mobile betting or M-betting is gaining in popularity. Mobile phones and devices can now be used for Mobile betting and other things like lottery ticket purchases, sweepstakes entries or even betting on major sporting events using mobile betting.

Mobile betting is largely an anonymous "sport," activity of choice and will, where no-one forces the gaming/betting on you – you partake willfully and actively by your own choice, which is definitely why it has gained in popularity so much – there is no need for face-to-face contact. Growth in mobile betting or m-gambling is based largely on the success of text messaging, or SMS, technology – participation is becoming increasingly interactive. Some mobile betting or m-gambling operators even allow bets to be placed after a sporting event has started, so users can bet from the stands. That immediacy can potentially shift the odds in a player's favor = this is refered to as "dynamic betting" another form of mobile betting. Beyond text messaging there is the new multi-media phones that opens up more possibilities. Mobile betting could still face legal challenges all over the globe where most countries as yet do not have legislation addressing the growing phenomenon.

Mobile betting is not without its problems.

  • These instant games can be addictive and dangerous at times and the wisdom of offering them through a threshold as low as the mobile phone stands questioned – the jury is still out so to speak on mobile betting and gambling addiction.
  • Some mobile service providers, worried that customers might rack up huge debts on their regular phone bills, are also experimenting with prepaid cards.
  • Mobile betting or m-gambling offers inherent control mechanisms, such as daily spending limits.
  • Mobile betting vendors normally do not charge anything for this service. The only charges are those charged by the mobile phone operator for using their GPRS or WAP data service. Your phone will need to support Java to maximize your mobile betting.
  • Mobile betting enables you to bet on sports even during play - known as "in-running." Close a bet before the end of play to take an early win or restrict a loss.

Some examples of mobile betting rules:

  • Mobile betting will be valid only up until a game has been 90 minutes running. Over time will not be calculated.
  • If a game has been delayed over 24 hours this is taken to mean it is cancelled, and any bets made will be refunded in full to user's balance.
  • cancellation of bets is allowed, except in the event that the provider announces any special conditions or retractions.
  • Mobile Betting vendor(s) has/have no responsibility to a member, or to any third party, over any consequences of any member's betting activity.
  • Must be over 18 years old.
  • Must not disclose membership information, so that others can thus be prevented from improperly using a member's access and membership.
  • Closing times and cancelled odds are at the sole discretion of the Mobile betting vendor.
  • The Mobile betting vendor has the right to reject applications for memberships without any cause or reason having to be given.
  • Members have the right to terminate their membership at anytime.
  • All Calculation rules are using Mobile Betting Vendors' Calculation Systems.
  • Betting is only valid if using SMS messages: Mobile betting vendor does not operate any other betting service.
  • The minimum bet for a single game is equivalent to approximately $6.00 /team, and maximum for one game is equivalent to approximately $58.00 /team.
  • Mobile betting vendor has the right to change active game odds. For users who place bets before odds change the bet will be calculated using the previous odds.
  • Each cellular number is allowed only one account.