Cell Phone Gambling

Two of the technology enablers of cell phone gambling are SMS and WAP.

  • Message Service (SMS) SMS is a second generation mobile service that allows short text messages to be sent to and from mobile phones. The first SMS message was sent in 1992, and SMS quickly became one of the success stories in mobile history with the number of SMS messages sent per month reaching 24 billion during 2002. An SMS message can be up to 160 characters in length when a Latin alphabet is used and up to 70 characters in length otherwise. Messages being sent from a mobile phone are typically referred to as Mobile Originated (MO) while messages being sent to a mobile phone are typically referred to as Mobile Terminated (MT). SMS messages have opened up a large range of applications, both for consumers as well as for corporations. Typical applications include: Simple person to person messaging Email/Voice mail/Fax notifications Ring-tones Information on demand Customer service (information about accounts etc.)
  • Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) The Wireless Application Protocol is a protocol stack that aims to link the Internet to mobile devices. WAP makes use of a client-server relationship in which a micro-browser is embedded on a mobile or PDA. The micro-browser communicates with a WAP gateway which in turn will make requests to the relevant web servers on behalf of the client.

People consistently choose convenience and ease-of-use as major reasons for utilizing their handheld and/or other mobile devices. It is also a fact that cell phones outnumber PC's 3 to 1 in sales. Which in itself throws open new markets and opportunity for gaming houses and gambling sites, online casinos and the gaming industry at large. Cell phone gambling is coming of age with powerful multi-media devices becoming more pervasive in use for much more than the stale business purposes they were originally designed for. The gaming industry is taking advantage of the information age and data transfer and information-sharing advances and technology to "mobilize" their own agenda, new, more and more customers, often and more frequent visits and repeat customers to ensure a strong, diversified and growing clientele. Cell phone gambling is the new generation and future of gambling online and on the go. To learn more about cell phone gambling visit our website, www.casino-mobile.net.